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What's the process?

With Subhan Law, your company can be set up within days. We help with all the paperwork.


Submit your
information online

Submit your information online


Your company is formed
in a US state

Your company is formed in a US state


Sign your
company's documents

Sign your company's documents


Receive your EIN
from the IRS

Receive your EIN from the IRS


Apply for US bank account and Stripe

Apply for US bank account and Stripe

Submit your
information online

Step 1

Your company is formed
in a US state

Step 2

Sign your
company's documents

Step 3

Receive your EIN
from the IRS

Step 4

Apply for US bank account and Stripe

Step 5

Submit your
information online

Your company is formed
in a US state

Sign your
company's documents

Receive your EIN
from the IRS

Apply for US bank account and Stripe

Top-rated law firm handles all the paperwork.

To get started, you’ll fill out a form in a few minutes and upload your passport. When your done, we’ll take care of the rest for you.
Here’s what’s included.

US LLC is Guaranteed

Establish your US LLC in the state that you choose. We recommend Wyoming for online businesses.

Operating Agreement

Your operating agreement details the LLC's ownership, management, limited liability, tax, and more.


EIN included. No SSN needed. 1-2 days to obtain an EIN approval with a SSN or 4+ weeks without.

Registered Agent

Registered agent services for the first year. Ensures your privacy in some states. Annual renewal rates apply.

US Bank Account

Apply for a US business bank account online. A debit card is included. Eligibility determined by bank.

Bonus Resources

Get general tax info and access accountants, tax advisors, sales tax registration, payroll, and more.

Compare & Save With Subhan Law

Subhan LawStripe AtlasFirstbase.ioDoola
US Business Formation$999$500$399 + state fees$197 + state fees
EIN + Operating Agreement*
Registered Agent Service for 1 Year$99
US Bank Account Assistance
Mailing Address/ Virtual Mailbox$350
Google or Trustpilot Score4.9
Tax Opinion ($2500 Value)$1999
Legal Advice from U.S. Law Firm
Your Total Cost$999$500$848
+ state fees
+ state fees
*No specific immigration compliance clause.

Get top-rated business attorneys on your team

We’ve helped numerous foreign entrepreneurs start businesses in the USA. Subhan Law will guide you through the entire process to set up your business, the right way.

Over 10 years of experience in forming LLCs in the U.S. and internationally. 

Yes. You read right. We have a 100% success rate in getting U.S. LLCs approved in any U.S. state for noncitizens.

Offering a 100% money back guarantee for a denied LLC filing. If you do not get your U.S. LLC formed, then we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

With a one-time payment of $699, we’ll form your U.S. LLC in the state you choose. Some restrictions apply.

Our proprietary, tech-enabled solutions allow you to start the process of establishing your U.S. LLC within 10 minutes.

Benefits of a U.S. LLC and a U.S. Bank Account as a Non-resident

6 amazing benefits to owning a U.S. LLC as a non-resident. 

Access to U.S. market

Gain access to the U.S. market. It's ranked as the world's largest economy. Offers tremendous growth and expansion opportunities.

Stable Economy & USD

U.S. offers a stable economy and currency. USD is the world's dominant reserve currency. Send and receive payments in USD.

Bank Security & Privacy

The U.S. is not a signatory to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). It does not share financial information of foreign owned LLCs.

$250,000 Guarantee

Your company's U.S. bank account is insured for deposits of up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation also known as the FDIC.

Access to Stripe

Get access to Stripe, Paypal, and other payment processors. Send and receive payments from around the world into your U.S. LLCs bank account.

Invest in U.S. Stocks

Foreign investors can invest in U.S. stocks and cryptocurrencies and there are no capital gains taxes. Also, receive personal limited liability protection with a U.S. LLC.

All Inclusive Pricing

No extra hidden fees.

One time payment

Includes attorneys fees, state filing fees, and everything in between. All your services are covered for the first year.

What's included

Pay once

$ 999 USD


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