Immigration reform is needed to foster economic growth and development in the United States. In an article entitled, “Revitalization in the Heartland of America, Welcoming Immigrant Entrepreneurs for Economic Development,” the author, Paul McDaniel, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fellow in the Immigration Policy Center at the American Immigration Council, asserts that “immigration is one of the strategies to which communities are repeatedly turning to fuel economic growth….According to economist David Carr, immigrants’ impact on population growth has a corresponding positive impact on a region’s wages, housing prices, rents, and cultural diversity. Similarly, the Brookings Institution finds that immigration has a positive influence on metro areas by reversing population losses, expanding the workforce, boosting home values, and reducing vacancy and foreclosure problems.” The research studies illustrate that immigration reform will increase wages and home values, and revitalize local economies, as well as the national economy.

As Diana Furchgott-Roth, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, stated in her research study entitled “The Economic Benefits of Immigration,” “America’s goal should be an immigration policy that fosters economic growth.” She further proclaimed “[t]hat requires finding a way to allow people who want to work here to come legally. Since most immigrants’ skills are complements to the skills of native-born Americans, this would increase the efficiency of our economy and create jobs for native-born Americans. With our economy in a slow process of recovery, we should be giving visas to those with innovative ideas who can help move our economy forward. This would prevent offshoring of American jobs and keep job growth here at home.”

In order to have your voice heard on the issue of immigration reform, contact your elected representatives and request that they vote for immigration reform in order to foster economic growth and development in the United States.  You can contact your elected officials in your State by clicking here.

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