Citizenship-By-Investment Programs offer investors the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality quickly and simply through investment. Economic citizenship programs were started by governments to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic growth and development. Citizenship through investment programs allow the governments of certain countries to grant citizenship in return for major contributions to society, culture, the economy, and other interests of the State.  The U.S., Canada, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, St. Kitts and Nevis, Commonwealth of Dominica, and other countries offer citizenship-by-investment programs.

In the U.S., the EB-5 investor visa program provides foreign investors the opportunity to acquire citizenship through investment (please see my blog on EB-5 visas for more details). However, if you are a US investor or foreign investor seeking investment opportunities outside of the U.S., one of the most attractive programs is the Citizenship-By-Investment Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica. To qualify for citizenship or dual citizenship in the Commonwealth of Dominica, the applicant must make an economic contribution to the country. The economic contribution takes the form of a direct non-refundable payment made to the government.

There are four options for obtaining citizenship through investment in the Commonwealth of Dominica, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic: (1) a single applicant can make a US$100,000 contribution, (2) an applicant and his or her spouse can make a contribution of US$175,000, (3) an applicant, spouse, and two children can make an investment of US$200,000, and (4) an applicant, spouse, and more than two children would need to make a contribution between US$200,000 and US$500,000 to obtain citizenship through investment.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is located approximately 1411 miles south of  Miami, Florida. Dominica has been nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” for its unspoiled natural beauty. It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity, as evidenced by the world’s second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. The island features lush mountainous rainforests, and is home to many rare plant, animal, and bird species. In addition to the excellent climate and stunning island vistas, Dominica offers good opportunities for investors. Dominica’s largely unspoilt spectacular scenery in the Caribbean offers investors the opportunity to participate in the growing eco-tourism industry. There are very good opportunities for the manufacture of goods for export to the United States and the European Community, both of which allow reductions in import duties on certain goods manufactured in Dominica. The work force is well educated and friendly. There is also opportunity for investors to establish offshore companies, banks, international insurance, and trust companies due to the country’s new legislation promoting international trade and finance. There are no personal income,  foreign income, or capital gains taxes, no net wealth taxes, and no inheritance or gift taxes in Dominica. These benefits to citizenship make Dominica extremely attractive for U.S. and foreign investors. Contact Subhan Law Office, LLC  at 1-855-946-6848 or 414-232-8704 to discuss how we can assist you in acquiring citizenship or dual citizenship through a citizenship-by-investment program, either through an EB-5 visa in the U.S., or through the citizenship-by-investment program of Dominica, or another country’s citizenship-by-investment program suitable to your needs.